An ongoing attempt to make unfiltered content appear semi-intelligent...

An ongoing attempt to make unfiltered content appear semi-intelligent...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Diet or Malnutrition?

No, I’m not about to start some extreme starvation diet. Although it may be something I need to consider… Nope, I’m about to embark on a self-imposed media fast. Well, self-imposed is not entirely accurate; it is being “highly suggested” by one of my communication professors. I have simply chosen to take part in this absolutely ludicrous idea.

The idea is to abstain from any form of media – traditional or social – as well as anything electronic, for three days. And by anything I mean everything, including cell phones! What is this guy thinking?! He gave us one exception: the microwave. Because, as we all know, 90% of a college student’s diet comes from the wonder that is the microwave (The other 10% comes from a vending machine if you were wondering).

Having said that, I did negotiate some of my own terms (I can’t help it, it’s the inner wheeler-dealer in me. Thank my father.). I suggested that I might get an exception on the cell phone front. I explained that I may not have a wife after three days of falling off the grid. So, he kindly compromised with me, and allowed me to use my cell phone to make/receive phone calls and/or texts from my wife only. So, if any of you try and reach me for the next three days…sorry? Mom, Sis – call Amber if it’s important.

So, starting tomorrow, no Internet, no e-mail, no Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube, no Hulu, no blogging, no TV, and the list goes on.

My first response: no big deal. It’s three days. What could really happen? I’m not that dependent on these things, right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight…

My second response: wait, three days?! What if I miss something? Three days is an eternity in the world of social media! I don’t think I’ve gone 3 minutes between some sort of interaction through my cell phone, e-mail, social media or the internet. I AM that dependent. There’s no way I can do this!

So therein lays the genius of this assignment. It’s crazy. Crazy like a straw. You know, crazy straws! My professor calls it a “Media Fast” or “Diet.” I’m curious to find out whether I will see it in that light, or if I will feel like malnutrition is a more appropriate description.

Once this three day torment is over, I have get to write a paper about it. And, don’t worry; I will be blogging about it. I’m intending to keep a daily journal while I endure this. Should be great…

The silver lining? I have 6, count ‘em, 6, papers to write in the next 5 days. Maybe this will be a good thing?



  1. Oh dear I don't know how ur going to survive!! But this also means no tv for the rest of the Fam too....thanks?? This should be interesting and I want to say thank you to ur professor for letting u communicate with me! :) good luck!

  2. K, thanks for the heads-up! And good luck!

  3. Also, I take a day off from the phone and computer sometimes, just for my sanity. It ROCKS. I think you'll enjoy it after the adjustment period.